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♚3 Rules to Follow Before Chartering a Yacht

Posted by Nrj Luxe Consulting on May 5, 2014
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“Imagine, if you will, starting your day on the aft deck of a luxury yacht, anchored off a pristine and deserted beach. Fluffy croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice are on the table, and sun-warmed teak decking is under your bare feet. This evening, you might end the day moored to the guay in St. Tropez or Antigua, watching the strollers from your yacht as you enjoy a leisurely five-course gourmet dinner in the soft evening air…” By Chris Caswell

Lovely imagery? Now here are 3 rules to get you started on your next escape;

Rule# 1; Location:

DiscuNRJ Locationss everyone’s expectations and choose a location together. From weather preferences, the chose of being in the seas to simply staying docked, you’ll have to choose cruising grounds that make sense for all the guests onboard. If the priority is sightseeing and shopping, stay away from remote anchorages. If any of the guests get motion sickness easily, long upwind passages will not be fun. If everyone just wants to relax aboard with cocktails, plentiful cultural activities will be less in demand than a swim-up bar in a tropical locale. Just make sure to address everyone’s preferences for a successful experience.





Rule# 2; The Boat:

Some people don’t miNRJ Yachtnd not having some necessitates, while others can’t survive without air conditioning, twice daily showers and a hair dryer. Review the amenities and discuss what is or is not likely to be aboard prior to booking. Consider a catamaran if some people aren’t used to sailing, living in close quarters or prone to motion sickness. Multihulls provide more room so couples can enjoy their own cabin and head. Always inquire about the age of the boats, as that will give you some idea of their condition.






Rule# 3; The Captain:

NRJ HelmHaving a captain aboard to run the vessel will make your experience less stressful. A charter captain will have local knowledge to find the most interesting anchorages, show you the best snorkeling places and steer you away from tourist traps. Even if you have lots of experience, you may prefer to enjoy time spent with your family and friends and not have to worry about managing the vessel. Hiring a charter captain will minimize the distractions and allow everyone the ability to relax.




♚Few of life’s pleasures compare with chartering a yacht, it combines a superb sense of privacy with the freedom and flexibility to create your own experiences anywhere in the world.

♚Just don’t forget to disconnect!

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