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Automobile turntables provide the most efficient and safe entry and exit solutions for almost any residential locale with restrictive spaces. As the premier car turnabout company in America, Carousel USA creates the ultimate of aesthetic functionality by offering state of the art design and manufacturing as well as thorough installation. Our vehicle turntables can be set in almost any place an automobile can travel. From houses with subterranean garages, to homes poised on busy streets, to mansions on a hill or overlooking majestic cliffs, Carousel USA has the expertise to take narrow spaces and potentially dangerous scenarios and create beautiful car turntables that provide the safety and convenience your family deserves in cramped spaces and dangerous sites.

Our team of advanced mechanical engineers carefully assesses each location, finding the perfect solution best fitting your vehicle space requirements. Whether your home has potential traffic hazards because of blocked sight lines, or you’re a two-car family with only one garage, Carousel USA turntables eliminate the stress and strain of limited mobility, giving you a garage that finally can be used for more than just housing a car.

6370 N Irwindale Ave

Irwindale, CA 91702

Toll Free (866) 796-5975

Local: 626-334-7190

Kimberly Varney
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Kimberly Varney

Kimberly draws on her 20+ years of Celebrity Real Estate Management experience with Hollywood A-Listers, World-class Athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs to deliver exceptional service and exceed client expectations. Clients seek her expertise in buying properties, moving, hiring and training staff, and creating home management systems.

Currently serving the sports and entertainment industry working on the east coast, Kimberly’s focus is expert management of ‘on-location’ and transitional experiences for these high profile individuals. Working with Production Coordinators, Estate Managers, Agents, and Personal Assistants, she strives to make the relocation process, whether long term or short term, as painless as possible.

For those who chose to add a property to their portfolio, Kimberly serve as an owner’s representative in the design and renovation process and then can map out a successful management plan and put in place experienced staff to facilitate the new systems. Recent projects include a significant portfolio of historic and newly constricted estate properties ranging from 6,000 to 33,000 square feet, often with multiple support structures and extensive grounds.
Kimberly Varney
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