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Museo Vault

May 07, 2015
Over the past decade, Miami has developed a reputation as a place to buy and sell fine art, in large part because o [more]
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Cleaning a Rare Book Collection

Mar 01, 2015
The favorite place for the family to gather in the winter is the library; It’s cozy and warm. There’s an 8 ft Victo [more]
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The Secret Language of Laundry

Feb 28, 2015
The modern laundry care label we see today is the evolution of an extensive classification and regulation system kn [more]
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The Benefits and Responsibilities of Loaning...

Feb 02, 2015
There are several reasons collectors might loan a work of art to a cultural institution. They may wish to share a c [more]
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The Estate ‘Green Room’

Feb 02, 2015
Traditionally, the green room is a quiet waiting place where an artist can gather their thoughts, rehearse a line o [more]
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Proper Wardrobe Storage & Preservation ...

Nov 01, 2014
So, you have the walk-in closet you always dreamed of and assembled an impeccable collection of priceless vintage, [more]
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The Ultimate Endless Closet

Oct 01, 2014
“Endless Closet Space” “Luggage-Free Travel” You bet that caught my eye! If I’d only [more]
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Slow Boat From China

Sep 01, 2014
The big event is a few months away.  Everything is planned.  Because you will use this space for entertaining throu [more]
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Bling Out Loud

Jul 31, 2014
Bling Out Loud is a one-stop resource for all of your estate branding needs. We offer printed, embroidered, and rhi [more]
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The Estate Brand

Jun 30, 2014
Many estate names are inherited; passed on through generations. Their crests have become iconic symbols of their in [more]
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