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Museo Vault

May 07, 2015
Over the past decade, Miami has developed a reputation as a place to buy and sell fine art, in large part because o [more]
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Cleaning a Rare Book Collection

Mar 01, 2015
The favorite place for the family to gather in the winter is the library; It’s cozy and warm. There’s an 8 ft Victo [more]
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Saving a Star Island Gem

Jan 01, 2015
Among the posh mansions that line the shores of Star Island, number 27 stands as a testament to longevity. The 10,0 [more]
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Historic Duck’s Nest is Handed Down to...

Nov 01, 2014
Descendants of one of Palm Beach’s oldest families completed a real estate hand-off this week that included a [more]
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The Unexpected Preservationist

Oct 01, 2014
A cursory online search for Bill Dean will yield a bevy of blondes and an impression of a man who understands South [more]
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Modern Philanthropy in Historic Estates

Oct 01, 2014
Over the past year I’ve had the privilege to facilitate the vision of Drs. Sachiko Kuno and Ryuji Ueno and their S [more]
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Historic Hudson Valley Estates

Jun 28, 2014
Since Henry Hudson sailed the Half Moon up the Hudson River in 1609, the American aristocracy has been drawn to the [more]
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Return to Glenmere

Jun 26, 2014
Return to Glenmere On Location in the Hudson Valley Built in 1911 for Robert Goelet, a prominent member of New York [more]
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