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The Celebrity Estate Management Network is your Estate Manager, Agent, Executive Assistant or Production Coordinator's top resource for luxury residential services. If you don't have someone fulfilling that role and protecting your interests, we can connect you with a highly qualified member of our Estate Management Network. 20 + years of hands-on HNW, High Profile estate management experience has fostered some really great connections. We're here for you wherever you are in the process, from helping to locate the perfect property to ensuring it runs smoothly and maintains its value well into the future.

Many times we encounter estates that are fully staffed and still not running smoothly. What's missing is the plan. If you're starting a new home, the plan is even more important as new staff learn new systems and service standards. We will sit down and listen to the difference between the vision for your life and the reality and formulate the objectives for a management plan including staffing issues, education and training shortcomings, maintenance needs and budget considerations.

When you relocate with CEMN, you'll have a dedicated team member for each step of the process. We'll photograph and inventory your current home for insurance and to be sure that things get put in the appropriate place on the other end. We'll arrange donation, sale or storage as needed for items that won't be moved. At the new location, we'll document all of the new technology, systems, and controls for you and create an owner's manual, receive your truck and unpack based on detailed conversations we've had with you and your team. Moving cars? Need a new hanger? We can do that too.

Sometimes large projects require specialized expertise that exceeds the skills and resources of your staff. or maybe their plates are already full. You can hire a highly qualified top-level estate manager just to handle the project. From RFPs and due diligence to zoning appeals and construction oversight, we have the resources you need.

Your staff is the most important element to your happiness at home. Even with a great plan, if the people implementing that plan are not trained, capable, and willing to provide 5-Star service, you're not going to get it. We can help evaluate your current staff to understand their strengths and suggest opportunities for improvement, work with a top agency to find new staff and we can train the staff you have in place into new methods and technologies.

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