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Network Profile- Celeb PA Kelly Wade

Posted by Kimberly Varney on February 2, 2015
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On a recent trip to LA, we had the opportunity to chat with Celebrity Personal Assistant Kelly Wade.  Kelly has been a member of the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants for 17 years and is a member of their Board of Directors.

“Founded in 1992 by Jonathan Holiff, the ACPA is a group of individuals who are just like you, professionally speaking: they work with celebrities, politicians, or dignitaries as assistants, estate managers, and similar high-level positions within the elite community. The ACPA boasts a present membership of over 150 of Tinsel Town’s most talented “stars behind the stars”, the celebrity personal assistant.”

Kelly shares her thoughts on celebrity status and the challenges that come with working for someone in the spotlight. She kindly offers advice on what type of person makes a good Celeb PA and some tips for getting started in the industry. Hear the podcast below:

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Kimberly Varney
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Kimberly Varney

Kimberly draws on her 20+ years of Celebrity Real Estate Management experience with Hollywood A-Listers, World-class Athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs to deliver exceptional service and exceed client expectations. Clients seek her expertise in buying properties, moving, hiring and training staff, and creating home management systems.

Currently serving the sports and entertainment industry working on the east coast, Kimberly’s focus is expert management of ‘on-location’ and transitional experiences for these high profile individuals. Working with Production Coordinators, Estate Managers, Agents, and Personal Assistants, she strives to make the relocation process, whether long term or short term, as painless as possible.

For those who chose to add a property to their portfolio, Kimberly serve as an owner’s representative in the design and renovation process and then can map out a successful management plan and put in place experienced staff to facilitate the new systems. Recent projects include a significant portfolio of historic and newly constricted estate properties ranging from 6,000 to 33,000 square feet, often with multiple support structures and extensive grounds.
Kimberly Varney
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