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Sosh Staffing Atlanta

Posted by CEMN Concierge on November 1, 2014
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At Sosh Staffing Atlanta our motto is “Relax and Get Sosh” and we really mean it. Yes, it is a play on words, with Sosh not only being the us, the company, but also referring to the ability for you to relax and be social at your event or function which, after all, is why you would be hiring us to begin with. We take this seriously and our company has grown to incorporated services and staffing in order to meet the needs of our clients allowing them to have more time to focus on other things, business or leisure. From staffing for your next event to helping you prepare for your next dinner party, get chores completed, walk the dogs, or anywhere in between, Sosh is here to focus on the details so that you can focus on your guests, work, or anything else you need to accomplish.

Sosh Staffing has grown from only offering event staffing services to offering a full range of services for events and personal use. This evolution is a result to listening to clients talk about what they needed help with and what could make their lives easier. We now work with a full range of clients, individuals and corporate, to help them accomplish more by taking on the coordination and execution of tasks. Our only job is to make a client’s life easier, it is the whole point of Sosh Staffing, it is our primary function. No matter what needs to be accomplished we can probably find a way to help!

As an estate manager there is always something to prepare for, organize, or accomplish and Sosh Staffing is here to help. By working with clients to determine what needs to be accomplished and preference on how it should be executed Sosh can be used as a tool anytime extra help is needed, from the next big event to helping around the house. We are here to help you be more productive, regardless the task or goal.

The concept is very simple, let Sosh Staffing take care of the details while you focus on the big picture, your guests, or whatever you want! It is about working with you to figure out how to best achieve your goals on time and within budget. Sosh is a company, but it is more a lifestyle. Let us manage the details for you or provide you staffing to help you accomplish your tasks! We can help you as much as you need whenever you need us!

For a full list of services check Sosh Staffing out online at and remember that just because you don’t see something listed doesn’t mean that we can’t help you with it, just ask! We are here to make things easier for our clients so let us know how we can help your with yours!

Sosh Staffing Atlanta:


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