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"I found Kimberly to be remarkably committed to excellence, detail oriented, and consistently focused on the needs of the Client."
Tarik Brooks
COO, Combs Enterprises
"Your team made us feel like the answer was always yes, and in our world that's everything."

Ray Gordon
EPA to Dwayne Johnson
"She invariably understands exactly what a project is about from the outset, asking for precise details and never making assumptions."
Sir Nick Faldo
Faldo Enterprises

Estate Management


The foundation of a well-run estate is a clear and sustainable management plan. Our team can assess your property as a whole, supplement your current team, and consult on staffing issues, communication, budget planning, maintenance, security, technology, and best practices. With that information, we can put together maintenance and operations plans, human resource guidelines, customized SOPs, and digital estate manuals to keep your team on track.

Estate Projects


Capital improvements, renovations, and detailed operations manuals require specialized expertise that may exceed the bandwidth or resources of your staff. We can handle a full range of construction and design projects. You’ll get daily reports and documentation for every phase of the project, as well as an ‘owner’s manual’ at completion. You can be sure your vision is being fulfilled knowing there will be someone on-site daily as your representative.


Whether you’re moving into temporary location housing, transferring the family cross-country to join a new team, or adding a new residence, you’ll have a dedicated moving concierge to move you into your new home. We’ll photograph and inventory your current home to be sure that things get put in the appropriate place on the other end. We can arrange donation, sale or storage for items that won’t be moved and set up transport for your vehicles. At the new location, we’ll unpack everything, organize it for you, make sure everything works, and create a manual for your new home.

Laurian Club offers a unique opportunity for accredited investors to Co-own a portfolio of luxury homes in over a dozen top-tier cities and resort destinations without any of the work, at a fraction of the expense. Enjoy the perks of a private club, 5-Star home management, and travel that pays you back.

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