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Penelope Mohoto-Sebilwane

ABOUT THE AUTHOR // Her work life spans 15 years. She has called many executives in different corporate sectors boss; developed great skill at the birth of privately owned enterprises alongside founding investors; supported a newly appointed board of directors; to coordinating the successful sale and acquisition of her own established online business. Knowing the ins and outs of celebrity life from working with PR & Talent Management Agencies earlier in her career, and successfully applying into mentorships and mid-career intern programs in the creative industry for 3 consecutive years, she became well-poised to initiate projects where she consults independently as a celebrity assistant, talent coordinator & lifestyle manager to a host of media personalities, celebrity talent, celebrity managers, publicists, stylists and entrepreneurs they work with in film, TV production, casting directors, studio facilities, advertising agencies, fashion and women's magazines. Determined to grow the list of international celebrity talent she supports; coordinating talent for bigger headlining projects; engaging emerging talent and using herself to change the face and perception of assistants worldwide; - Penelope is fiercely growing her personal brand as a coach, public speaker, author, career stylist, contributing writer, entrepreneur, and THPH: the highly paid help (an evolved and ever enterprising top-tier assistant) For reviews on her service and brands she has worked with // Visit www.celebritypastudio.co .za

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