Picture of Lamar Ramsey

Lamar Ramsey

Over the past 14 years, Lamar Ramsey has worked for over 10 General Officers ranging from the 1st Air Force Commander in Panama City, Florida to the Chief Of Staff; United States Air Force at the Pentagon Washington DC as their Household Manager. __________________________________________________________________________ Lamar has an Associate Degree in Information Management, and is Graduate from Starkey International Denver Colorado, with a Certification in Household Management. He is a Pro-Chef 1 Graduate from the Culinary Institute of America Poughkeepsie New York, Culinary Graduate from Ft Lee Army Advance Culinary School in Richmond Virginia, and a Certified Food Executive Certification from Military Hospitality Association Reno Nevada. ____________________________________________________________________________ Lamar Ramsey has given back to society by dedicating numerous hours of service volunteering at homeless shelters, participating with the Special Olympics, Mentoring others to working with the Boys & Girls clubs.

The Weight of the Estate

Estate Managers, also called Majordomos or Director of Properties, manage the estates of wealthy families or individuals. Estate Management positions are some of the most highly sought after positions for Household Managers in the industry.

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