The Benefits and Responsibilities of Loaning Art

There are several reasons collectors might loan a work of art to a cultural institution. They may wish to share a cherished pieced with the public who would otherwise not have an opportunity to view it. Museum exhibition can enhance the provenance and value of privately owned work. Likewise, a museum may provide scholarly details […]

The Estate ‘Green Room’

Traditionally, the green room is a quiet waiting place where an artist can gather their thoughts, rehearse a line or polish a few bars. It’s unknown where the name came from, but one story is that London’s Blackfriars Theatre (1599) included a room behind the scenes which happened to be painted green; here the actors […]

Member Tips on Working With Vendors

We recently reached out to members of the network for tips on working with vendors. Respect, communication and relationship-building were a common theme. Also important are vetting your vendors and follow-through. Have something to add to the conversation? Drop us a line or leave a comment. Scott Gerow | Estate Manager / Owner | 360 Concierge […]

Creating Vendor Guidelines

In a perfect world, every vendor who crossed through the gates would care for and respect the multi-million dollar property they were entering as much as the estate staff. This is almost never the case. Generally, vendor staff are focused on getting their job done as easily and quickly as possible. They have no idea […]

Story Poles

If you haven’t managed a construction project in Los Angeles County, you may be confused when asked to submit your story pole survey to the Planning and Zoning Committee. Story poles are tall poles with flags or contractor tapes on them that depict the outline of the project. They are put into place on site […]

How to Handle Household Staff?

Recently, Ms. Baibakova made headlines not for her influence on the art world, but for her disctinct opinions on household staff.

Historic Duck’s Nest is Handed Down to the Next Generation

Descendants of one of Palm Beach’s oldest families completed a real estate hand-off this week that included a $7 million deed transfer from one generation to the next. The transaction involved one of the oldest structures on the island, the deconsecrated church known as the Old Bethesda-by-the-Sea, which faces the lake at 306 Maddock Way. […]

Slow Boat From China

The big event is a few months away.  Everything is planned.  Because you will use this space for entertaining throughout the year, rental isn’t cost effective.  So, you commit to buy the tables, chairs and custom linens.  You want the perfect chairs.  You find a reputable vendor with the frames and upholstery you want and […]

Cover Your Assets // Understanding Service Contracts

This year there seemed to be more vendors involved in our life than ever before. Gone are the days when James would just show up with his machete to trim the palms or Oscar came by every Thursday to wash the cars for cash. Even Susan-the-dog-walker has incorporated. This year everyone had a contract. I guess […]