Wardrobe Storage // Preservation

How do you go about protecting your precious wardrobe and keeping items in pristine condition? Garde Robe has provides some tips of the trade

The Secret Language of Laundry

The modern laundry care label we see today is the evolution of an extensive classification and regulation system known as the ‘Textile and Wool Act’ put in place by the US Federal Trade Commission in 1939. Contrary to popular belief, these labels do not actually tell you the best way to clean an item of […]

Storing the Seasonal Wardrobe

Proper handling and maintenance of your off-season garments is critical – it will enhance your wardrobe’s appearance when you need it next season, and improper storage can cause deterioration, insect damage and discoloration of the fabrics. The wardrobe storage experts at Garde Robe created this introductory summary to help you. Always make sure garments are […]

Cleaning a Rare Book Collection

The favorite place for the family to gather in the winter is the library; It’s cozy and warm. There’s an 8 ft Victorian fireplace, plush club chairs and a sense that the freezing world outside has calmed, just for a bit. The family takes meals there this time of year and lingers after dinner for […]

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