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Whether the season has ended, the show has wrapped, or you’ve been traded, moving is often the most stressful part of the process. Luxury cars require special care and attention to get them safely to your new location. Hiring a company that specializes in luxury auto transport os going to be key to getting the results you need. In South Florida, we use First Class Auto Transporters. Here’s what they have to say about their approach:

The cost of transporting a vehicle can vary widely depending on a number of factors. As a result, determining how much a particular car or truck will cost to move can be challenging. Obtaining quotes from a variety of sources is one way to estimate the costs of hauling or moving an automobile, but in general the main determining factors are:


  • Type of vehicle
  • The distance of the move
  • The size and/or weight of the vehicle
  • The mode of transportation for the automobile
  • The auto, truck or boat’s value
  • How many vehicles are being moved to the same location
  • Whether the vehicle is in running condition
  • Whether the vehicle is being shipped internationally
  • The care and attention the shipping company devotes to each car or truck it delivers


Type of Vehicle

Most moving companies will transport passenger cars, trucks and vans for everyday use. Some transport companies also offer transportation services for boats, buses, semi trucks and other types of vehicles. These typically require special handling and may incur extra costs. Boats vary significantly in size and must be moved on a specialty trailer, which may create significant variances in the quoted moving price. Generally speaking, passenger cars, SUVs’ and pick-up trucks are less expensive to move than comparable boats, buses and panel trucks.

Vehicle Hauling Distance

Steadily increasing fuel prices have forced many companies to raise their prices for moving and transporting vehicles across country. This expense relates directly to the distance the auto must be moved and, for longer moves, may be a major factor in pricing and not to forget paying toll roads for commercial use. Additionally, increased distance typically requires extra attention from drivers or transporters and added staffing costs for the longer period of time the automobile is in the moving company’s possession.

Size and Weight of a Car

The size and the weight of the auto have a direct impact on the fuel costs of moving it. A Chevy Cavalier, for instance, will take up far less room and require less fuel to haul than a Hummer H2 or a stretch limousine. This reduced fuel cost will typically be reflected in lower overall costs for transporting smaller cars and trucks and higher rates for heavier, bulkier cars, trucks and SUVs’. Larger cars and trucks may also take up extra space on the auto transporter and limit the number of vehicles that can be loaded onto a trailer or other hauling device. Therefore, size may also be a factor even for automobiles that are not exceptionally heavy.

Means of Car Transportation

Depending on the method of transportation chosen, the cost of transporting a specific vehicle can vary to a significant degree. Generally, consumers can choose between open and enclosed shipping methods. Open methods are, as the name suggests, open to the air, weather and elements. These open transport methods are suitable for the vast majority of passenger vehicles and are less expensive when compared to closed-transport shipments. Enclosed transport is usually only employed for expensive or collector’s cars in order to provide additional protection against the elements of sun, wind and rain en route to the destination. Vehicles moved by ship or airplane typically incur a higher price from the mover.

Automobile Value

The overall value of the car or truck will affect the insurance the transport company is required to maintain on the vehicle while in transit. Especially for vehicles being hauled across country, the added expense of insuring an expensive sports car, boat or other high-value automobile can add hundreds of dollars to the overall price of transporting a car . In some cases, the current insurance policy may cover the vehicle during moving or transport by the mover. By checking into this possibility prior to the move, owners may be able to reduce the cost of moving considerably with little or no additional effort.

Multiple vehicles discounts

Some companies give discounts for moving multiple vehicles to the same location. In most cases these discounts are available due to the reduction in fuel and staffing costs for cars moved at the same time to the same destination. While the savings may be minimal for owners moving only two vehicles at once, the hauling costs for an entire fleet can be reduced significantly by choosing one mover to handle all the vehicles to be moved.

Good Running Condition

In order to accept autos for moving, most transport companies require that the car be in running condition; non-running cars may incur added charges due to the increased work required to move them. Additionally, the contents of the vehicle are usually not covered by insurance and should be secured by the owner or removed altogether.

International Transport

Customs and other fees can add considerably to the cost of moving a vehicle internationally as opposed to domestic hauling and moving. These fees are usually itemized or accounted for in the final bill; additionally, the cost of shipping by airplane or ship container is significantly more than over-the-road transport and will be charged by most companies accordingly. In some cases, unfortunately, the cost of customs fees and shipping can actually outweigh the cost of the automobile in question.

Care and Consideration

Cost alone is not the best determinant of a transport company. The quality of employees and the care and attention they devote to the car or truck while it is in their care is an important consideration and should not be overlooked when making a decision on which company to entrust. By selecting a car shipping company with a solid reputation for reliability and safe delivery, consumers can enjoy increased peace of mind and know that their auto will arrive at its destination in excellent condition and without any undue delays.

By choosing a transport company with a solid reputation for reliability and vehicle safety, consumers can be assured that they are getting the best deal possible on their move while ensuring the safety of their auto into the bargain. Especially for expensive, rare, or collector’s cars, finding a trustworthy and responsible shipper can provide real security to owners every mile of the way.

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