Member Tips on Working With Vendors

We recently reached out to members of the network for tips on working with vendors. Respect, communication and relationship-building were a common theme. Also important are vetting your vendors and follow-through. Have something to add to the conversation? Drop us a line or leave a comment. Scott Gerow | Estate Manager / Owner | 360 Concierge […]

Creating Vendor Guidelines

In a perfect world, every vendor who crossed through the gates would care for and respect the multi-million dollar property they were entering as much as the estate staff. This is almost never the case. Generally, vendor staff are focused on getting their job done as easily and quickly as possible. They have no idea […]

Cover Your Assets // Understanding Service Contracts

This year there seemed to be more vendors involved in our life than ever before. Gone are the days when James would just show up with his machete to trim the palms or Oscar came by every Thursday to wash the cars for cash. Even Susan-the-dog-walker has incorporated. This year everyone had a contract. I guess […]

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