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Red Carpet Arrival

There are a number of cultural traditions that surround red carpet events in Hollywood. Both event attendees and television viewers have come to expect a number of factors at an awards ceremony, from the Tonys to the Oscars. Celebrities arrive by limousine service at the red carpet, where they’re photographed, before the reception. Awards are issued, and celebrities head off to after-parties to celebrate their victory or mourn their loss. One of the least recognized aspects of the traditional celebration is ground transportation. Whether you’re going to be a guest or viewing the red carpet walk from home, we’ll provide some basic insight on the behind-the-scenes planning that goes into every limo ride:

1. Reservations are Made Well in Advance

Unlike many other night-out transportation reservations, members of the A-list and red carpet event attendees will typically reserve their Oscars transportation well in advance. Not only is car service at a premium and in particularly high demand on the night of the event, the value of an experience provider soars significantly. Due to the number of factors that go into staging the perfect appearance at an event, it’s essential to book with someone who has verifiable experience with red carpet events.

2. Law Enforcement and Government Officials May Be Contacted

There’s an immense amount of behind-the-scenes planning that takes place at the chauffeured transportation provider between the time when a reservation is made and when the A-lister is picked up for the event. One of the first planning measures required is to communicate with county, city, or police officials to ensure that every protective measure needed is in place. Depending on traffic projections, a police escort could be necessary at points during the journey to ensure that foot or car traffic does not prevent a timely arrival. It’s also essential to verify road closures to plan an event accordingly.

3. Providers Do a Dry Run

“Dry run” is a term used in the transportation industry to describe a preparatory trip without passengers. Transportation companies may take as many as several dry runs before the big event, with the slated Chauffeur and logistics staff. Photographs may be taken. After the trip has been tested, additional planning will be done with the help of mapping and traffic projection software.

4. Picking Up the Celebrity

Many celebrities may choose to spend the days before the ceremony at a hotel close to the awards venue. It’s an obvious benefit if they’re from out of town. However, even locals may choose to prepare for their red carpet walk closer to the ceremony, due to unpredictable traffic and the convenience of proximity. Communication about pick-ups must be complete and established well in advance. Many of the most popular hotels in Los Angeles for awards show nominees offer the benefit of secret entrances that can shield celebrities from paparazzi and fans until their official debut on the red carpet. When privacy is of the utmost importance, the pick-up must be perfectly planned so there are no breaches of confidence or photographs caught in advance and leaked to the press.

5. Staging Before the Event

If you’ve ever wondered how limos seem to pull up to the red carpet at the Oscars in perfect intervals, it’s not a coincidence. It’s the result of careful planning by transportation providers and the coordination efforts of the event professionals. Once celebrities are en route, the vehicles are sent to a designated staging area, which is typically a very large parking lot that is reserved for the event. Logistics staff provide a queue to the drivers to leave in a particular order. The vehicles head to the red carpet and drop their passengers off just in time for their first public appearance of the evening.

Chauffeured transportation should look and feel seamless to both passengers and the outside world, even if that couldn’t be further from the truth. The most qualified car service providers for the 2013 Oscars are armed with years of firsthand experience and knowledge of how to make sure that everything goes as planned.


Kimberly Varney


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Kimberly Varney

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